Blog #10 How to Stay Aware of Your Self-Improvement and Your Goals

Updated: Dec 30, 2019

In my never ending journey towards self-development and becoming the best version of myself, I have stumbled on many areas of improvment that I need to focus on more clearly for the rest of 2019. I'm focusing on becoming more aware of my self-improvement habits and trying to find ways in order for me to constant remind myself of the changes I'm implementing in my life. I intend to tell and show you ways on how to deal this situation and how to improve and change the events that occur in your life to constantly increase. There are many distractions that happen during the day that can derail us from reaching the marks that we want to. I'll show you tricks and techniques that will help simplify the process and keep you align to your goals.

I wake up early. I'm the first one in the office. The morning hours are the best hours for me to be productive. I get the meat of my projects done and I'm able to really focus and concentrate at work. 30 minutes later, my noisy co-worker arrives, production issues happen at work, meetings scheduled non-stop, and before you know if the day is over. I dealt with the heavy distractions. The nonstop emails, the manager that always wants something, the long lunch line to get food. I knew that I wasnt being as productve as I should be. I knew that I could get alot more done. I knew I had it in me to acheive more If I only prioritized my time. I started to say "No". I scheduled shorter meetings. I downloaded an app that allows me to pick up my lunch instead of waiting. By automating some tasks, I was able to get my time back to enjoy a more relaxed, stress free work environment. This set me up to have a free mind, and be more aware of my main goals. The goals in mind of course. being a person of good faith and love. Being the strong, confident leader that is positive and consistent. I felt when my mind and body was it ease, it was easier for me to express my true expressions. I am able to "be me" , be polite, and think things through. When rushed, we tend to make irrational decisions. I am trying to minimize this as best as possible. With the clutter of noise eliminated from my life, I'm now able to deep dive and have meaningful conversations rather then the "mom talk" i was use to having.



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